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As civil litigators and family lawyers in Cornwall, the law firm of McClelland & Cook have decades of combined experience. After checking out our services on this page, don’t hesitate to call our office with any questions.

Family Law Services in Cornwall

The legal work in family law includes the resolution of issues, whether or not they are in high conflict, which may include some of the following: 


Domestic contracts




Support and property issues

If family issues are not capable of being resolved by agreement or mediation, then a client may choose to avail himself or herself of the arbitration process or the court process to have the dispute finalized.

Civil Litigation Services in Ontario

Civil litigation covers a broad range of statutory, common law and equitable disputes in areas of law including:

Personal injury (excluding motor vehicle claims)

Contractual differences

Real property disputes

Corporate disputes



Collection of debts

…and the defence of any of the above. Legal expertise is brought to bear to attempt to resolve such disputes by agreement, and failing agreement, the matter is usually resolved through the court process.

Why is a Lawyer a Good Resource?

The law is simple. The law is complex. For example, it is simple to say murder is against the law. However, a murder trial may take months to reach a decision and involve complex issues of fact, law and evidence. Simple and complex.

Resolving legal issues requires good fact gathering, a facility with the mediation or court process, rules, evidence and people. It is important to have an experienced legal guide to assist a client to maximize his or her opportunities within the legal framework in the process of bringing his or her dispute to a completion.

McClelland & Cook is here to assist clients that require our experience to solve their problems. We represent families, home and business owners in Cornwall and surrounding areas, as well as members of the Akwesasne reserve. For family, civil and commercial litigation services, call the law office of McClelland & Cook today.

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